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Change the feel and functions of your home with Skylights

We offer next-gen roof skylight install services

You can completely change how your home feels and functions if you enable roof skylight services by Prestige Roofing Solutions. We can brighten up your entire living space with our tailor-made skylight services.

Why should you go for skylight services?

Velux skylight can completely change the way you live. Skylights can bring benefits that you can’t even imagine. Not only amazing sun rays but also you will get airy indoors. You will feel fresh and stay healthy for sure. The more you use sunlight the less you need to use electricity and as a result, you save a lot of money on electricity.

There are a lot of choices in skylights that you can use for your roof. According to the structure and appearance of your roof and house, you will get various choices. From making you enjoy an increase in resale value to enjoying the solar heat- Prestige Roofing Solutions can bring you many benefits via its advanced skylight services.

Why is Prestige Roofing Solutions best for you?

We have experts with years of first-hand knowledge in handling various types of roofing requirements
We use advanced tools and technologies that no one contractor will provide you
We offer a roadmap before we start the project for clarity

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Skylights can add value to a home in a number of ways, depending on the design and style of the home. For example, they can be used as part of a modern or traditional design, or they can be used as an addition to create more warmth and comfort in winter climates. In some cases, skylights can also be used as sources of light during specific hours of the day or during special occasions such as family gatherings or events. Skylights provide an additional level of illumination and improve the aesthetics of a home,

Yes, in winter season skylights facing east or north may provide the most desirable heat gain. But a south facing skylights will provide cool.

When installing skylights, it is essential to ensure that the roof pitch is correct for the height of the skylight. A too-high roof will cause too much light, and a too-low roof will allow too much light to come out.

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