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Roof ventilation

Get light, airy, and a luxurious feel by roof ventilation.

We ensure the best roof ventilation for clients

Roof ventilation is a must-to-do task that we all should plan along with our roofing. Skylights bring a host of benefits that we could not even imagine. Not only the aesthetic appeal of the house but also there are some jaw-dropping benefits of it.

Velux skylight: It deserves a try

Let the sunlight in and make you feel good and stronger than ever. Natural daylight has the power to make us feel good and refreshed. It helps in producing Vit-D in our bodies. It creates a positive feeling inside the home and we get long-lasting good moods.

There are various types of skylights such as Flat Roof Skylights, Walk On Rooflights, Roof Lanterns, and so on. According to the shape of your house and your choice, you should choose the best one. If you find it hard to decide the best one, Prestige roofing solutions can help you out. We have experienced professionals who have been offering expert solutions over the years and they can suggest to you the best Velux skylight according to your need and choice.

Benefits of roof ventilation services designed by us

We can save your electricity bill! Yes, the more daylight you let in, the less electricity you need to spend.
The sunlight will definitely let you get a good mood and have more Vit-D in your body
You will get better roof access with complete privacy

Some benefits of using rooftop ventilation include reducing air conditioning costs, improving indoor climate, stopping moisture accumulation on your building surfaces, reducing noise levels while living in an urban setting.

Roof vents are an important part of a home’s ventilation system. They allow the air in your home to escape and circulate freely, which is vital for keeping your home cool and comfortable

It is important to choose the right vent for your roof. There are many factors to consider, such as the size of your home, the type of roofing you have, and how often you need ventilation. A few general tips:

  • Choose a vent that will allow natural ventilation (such as an open-air window) and create a positive air pressure in your attic.
  • Choose vents that face away from windows or other sources of heat and light.
  •  Make sure the vent is close to the eaves of your roof-line.

The type of roof ventilation depends on the specific needs of the building. For example, a turbine-powered vent can be used to evacuate smoke and gas from an office building, while a solar-powered vent can be used to cool down a factory.

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